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Table Of Contents

Introduction (00:02:00)

1.0  Theoretical Background of ASE (00:48:31)

2.0  Aeroservoelastic Stability Analysis by the Frequency-Domain Approach (00:10:43)

3.0  Open-Loop ASE Analysis (01:06:22)

4.0  Closed-Loop ASE (00:49:03)

5.0  Theoretical Background of Gust Analysis (00:34:15)

6.0  Bulk Data Cards and the Numerical Examples of Discrete Gust (01:12:16)

7.0  Dynamic Response to Continuous Gust (00:34:34)

8.0  Transient Maneuver Loads Analysis (The MLOADS Module) (00:47:00)

9.0  Transient Ejection Loads Analysis (The ELOADS Module) (00:20:16)

10.0  Fictitious Mass Method for Dynamic Loads Analysis (00:07:41)

11.0  Nonlinear Flutter Analysis (01:49:24)