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ZMORPH - Engineering Software Tool for Morphing Structural Finite Element Models

ZMORPH (pronounced zee-morph) allows morphing of Nastran structure GRIDs relative to a baseline configuration. The process simply involves encompassing these GRIDs within box primitives and then altering the box corner point coordinates to stretch and/or move these encompassed GRIDs. These box primitives can be considered to be made up of an elastic homogenous material (e.g., rubber) in which the structure GRIDs are embedded. Stretching or moving this material will, in a relative fashion, stretch/move the embedded GRID points.

ZMORPH's Features

Example: Piston Connecting Rod (6242 tetrahedron elements (CTETRA), 11608 grids (GRID))

connecting rod morphing

Crankshaft End Opening Diameter

rod length

Connecting Rod Length

crankshaft rotation

Crankshaft Connection End Rotation



Click here for more details on ZMORPH's Capabilities, Engineering Modules, and Architecture (Adobe PDF format with no animations; ~11MB)
Or click this link here to download the PowerPoint Show File but with animations; ~92MB)

ZMORPH Licensing Information

ZMORPH is available for annual licensing.

Platforms: Win 10 / Win 7 / Vista / XP
Linux: Red Hat / Suse / Ubuntu

License Includes:

  • Customer Service (by telephone or email and includes assistance in model input setup if desired). Additional support charged at ZONA Technology's Time and Materials (T&M) rates.
  • Software updates as they become available.

Optional ZONA-MV Interface

ZONA has developed program for Windows called the ZONA Model Viewer (ZONA-MV). This program is being extended to allow for a Windows-based option to setup the ZMORPH input deck. The current beta version of ZONA-MV can be provided without documentation upon user request. Note that ZONA-MV provides a host of features (such as loading Nastran Input/Output decks, Plot3D files, Tecplot Files, OpenFSI-UVLM files, etc.) that go beyond the requirements of ZMORPH.

zona model viewer
input and output
zona mv

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