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ZONA Technology (ZONA) offers training on its ZEUS software. It is beneficial for engineers who are interested in how to apply ZEUS in the areas of Linearized Euler Solver for Rapid Frequency-Domain Aeroelastic Analysis, Automated Mesh Generation, Arrynynamic Modeling Guidelines, Flutter, Loads Analysis, and Static Aeroelastic/Trim Analysis.

Training Focus

Training is driected towards engineers interested in obtaining an overview and understanding of the theories and applications of ZEUS. It guides users to explore the many features of ZEUS, including the formulation of the Full Euler Solver with Boundary Layer Option, Linearized Euler Solver for Rapid Frequency-domain Aerolastic Analysis, Automated Mesh generation, Aerodynamic Modeling Guidelines and applying ZEUS to Flutter, Loads, Static Aeroelastic/Trim Analysis, as well as, example of complex configurations. The course consists of both lecture and hands on examples and provides a good opportunity to learn the ZEUS software, which is quickly gaining ground in the aerospace industry.

ZEUS Training: Dates to be determined

Training Venue and Hotel Accommodations

Scottsdale, Arizona

Hotel Information:

ZONA is in the process of planning training events. Further information will be updated as soon as it is available.


Individual Rate:

- $800.00

Group Rate (three or more attendees from the same organization):

- $600.00 per person

Academic Rate:

- Contact us for academic rates.

Lunches and refreshments are included.

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