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ASTROS - A Next Generation Aircraft Design System

ASTROS Engineering Capablities

ASTROS' Description

The Automated STRructural Optimization System (ASTROS) is a comprehensive software suite for the multidisciplinary design and analysis of aerospace structures. ASTROS combines mathematical optimization algorithms with structural finite element analysis (FEA) disciplines such as statics, dynamics, and aeroelasticity to perform automated design of structures. The current release of ASTROS incorporates ZONA's unsteady aerodynamics methods, spline methods, and the flutter / trim disciplines available in ZAERO.

ASTROS supports both the preliminary design stages of new aircraft/spacecraft structures and design modifications that occur later in the product life cycle. ASTROS, based on the world-standard NASTRAN data format, combines finite element modeling and analysis techniques with efficient optimization solutions to deliver significant reductions in the time required to develop superior designs of aerospace structures.

ASTROS integrates all of the engineering disciplines that impact the preliminary structural design phase and can simultaneously design to strength, flutter, displacement, and other requirements. It considers a wide scope of conditions in a design task and treats multiple boundary conditions, each permitting a range of analysis such as statics, modes, and flutter.

Key Features


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ASTROS Licensing Information

ASTROS is licensed on an annual basis and includes:

  • All ASTROS modules (including ZAERO's flutter and trim modules) are included in the annual license.
  • Customer service is included in the annual license fee (up to 20 hours per year by telephone, fax, email, etc.) Additional support will be charged at ZONA’s T&M rate. The annual license includes software upgrades as they become available.
  • ZONA will assist the new user by telephone/fax/email consultation to successfully run test cases in the documentation (i.e., turn-key operation) at no cost to the user.
  • Annual license fees are year-to-year in U.S. dollars. No one-time paid-up license is available.

System Requirements and Platform


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