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Aircraft Response to Control Surface Burst (ZEUS with FRM / Zii)



ZAERO is a powerful engineering software suite that integrates all essential disciplines required for advanced industrial aeroelastic design and analysis. ZAERO's unique high-fidelity geometry module allows you to accurately model wing-body configurations including underwing naceles/stores. It's unified AIC scheme provides the capability to run subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic Mach numbers with a single aerodynamic model. ZAERO has a built-in finite element analysis output file loader that can readily import free vibration analysis results from numerous available commercial products including (MSC.Nastran, IDEAS, ELFINI, Abaqus, Ansys, and others). ZAERO supports the following engineering disciplines: Flutter, Parametric Flutter, Non-Linear Flutter, Aeroservoelasticity, Gust Loads, Maneuver Loads, Ejection Loads, and Flight Loads.


ZONAIR is an advanced engineering software application used for computation of aircraft flight loads that can include aeroelasticity and aerothermoelasticity effects. The resulting flight loads can then in turn be used by structural engineers for performing detailed stress analysis of the aircraft structure. ZONAIR utilizes a unified high-order subsonic/supersonic/hypersonic panel methodology as the underlying aerodynamic force generator to efficiently create aerodynamic and loads databases for 6 degree-of-freedom simulation and critical loads identification. ZONAIR's unstructured surface panel scheme is compatible with the finite element method so that existing pre-processors such as Patran and Femap can be used to set up the aerodynamic model. ZONAIR employs a vortex roll-up scheme for high-angle-of-attack aerodynamics and includes ZAERO's advanced Trim module for flexible loads analysis and a Thermal Protection System for Optimization (TPSOPT) module for aerothermoelastic analysis.


ZEUS is ZONA’s Euler Unsteady Solver that integrates the essential disciplines required for aeroelastic design/analysis. It uses an Euler equation solver with or without viscous effects as the underlying aerodynamic force generator and couples with the structural finite element modal solution to solve various aeroelastic problems such as flutter, maneuver loads, gust loads, and static aeroelastic/trim analysis. Structural nonlinearities can also be included to perform a nonlinear aeroelastic analysis. ZEUS includes an automated mesh generation scheme that automatically generates a flowfield mesh by growing the mesh from the aerodynamic model surface mesh. ZEUS also has an overset mesh capability to handle very complex configurations such as complete aircraft configurations that can include external stores/nacelles.


The ZONA Aeroelastic Model Simulator (ZAMS) is a 3D graphical ActiveX control developed to run under the Interactive Authoring and Display System (IADS) developed by Symvionics, Inc. Based on flight test accelerometer responses obtained in IADS, ZAMS is used to display the aeroelastic motion of a aircraft in flight in a near real-time capacity. All aircraft structural deformation responses, such as those occuring during flutter, LCO, gust, pilot input commands, etc., can be displayed. This tool can easily be utilized in a flight control room facility that receives aircraft telemetry data via the IADS software and can also be used in an offline IADS flight test data playback mode. The aeroelastic model displayed in ZAMS can be set up via the accompanying GENZAMS software or ZONA's ZAERO software system.


The Automated STRuctural Optimization System (ASTROS) is a comprehensive software suite for the multidisciplinary design and analysis of aerospace structures. ASTROS combines mathematical optimization algorithms with structural finite element analysis (FEA) disciplines such as statics, dynamics, and aeroelasticity to perform automated design of structures. The current release of ASTROS incorporates ZONA's unsteady aerodynamics methods, spline methods, and the flutter / trim disciplines available in ZAERO.


ZONA's Proper Orthogonal Decomposition / Response Surface Method (zPOD) is a software tool that is used to perform interpolation on user supplied CFD solution data sets in the form of PLOT3D (structured) or Fieldview (unstructured) formats. The usefulness of this software tool is realized in that, based on an established CFD solution database, zPOD can be used to create new CFD solutions in very short order (minutes) without having to re-run the CFD solver(s). The interpolation can be performed on any number of user-defined parameters (i.e., supports multidimensional interpolation).

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A Computed Flutter Mode Shape From ZAERO   
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